Client Appreciation Floral Subscription

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What's the best way to take a client and make them refer you? You know our answer - send them flowers! An unexpected floral delivery to your favorite client each month is a solid lead generation strategy. Think of the social media love you will get when your client posts the delightful surprise on social media and tags you!

Here's how the subscription works:

Purchase the subscription:

  • Select the size of floral bouquet you'd like to send to one of your clients each month. A standard glass vase comes with each delivery/shipment so your client won't have to find somewhere to put our lovely blooms once they receive them!
  • Select "Subscribe" as the Purchase Option
  • Select a Delivery Date for the first delivery
  • Add to your cart
  • At checkout, submit the order with your name and address as the delivery info (we'll change it after the order comes in)
  • At checkout, add FREESUBSHIP as a promo code to get free delivery/shipping for your subscription!
  • Submit payment and finish your checkout. Your card will be charged the same day each month until you cancel the subscription. Cancel at any time by emailing us at with a re: line "Cancel Subscription" and let us know that you want to cancel your subscription. Cancellations must be received no later than 14 days before the date we charge your card. Cancellations received after that date will be processed after the following delivery.

Email us your list of prospects and delivery information:

  • After completing your purchase, email us at within 3 days of your delivery date with the name, address, email (if you have it), and phone number (if you have it) for the client you'd like to send flowers to that month. Also let us know what you'd like the card to say. This will allow you to look at your clients for that month and see where the bouquet would have the most impact!
  • If you are like me and don't want another to-do item each month but instead batch all of your administrative work, please feel free to send us information on more than one client at a time. Spreadsheets are always accepted! Or if you prefer typing everything into the body of the email, you can do that too. If you send us information on more than one delivery at a time, tell us which month you'd like the client to get the florals and what you'd like the card to say.
  • Tell us if you'd like to send florals in your brand colors. In your email, tell us if you'd like us to send florals in your brand colors and what those colors are. We will accommodate such requests as much as possible (depending on Mother Nature).
  • If you do not get us information on a client before delivery, not to worry! We will deliver the flowers directly to you so you can make an in-person delivery to your client and strengthen that connection!

Delivery/Shipping info:

  • For local deliveries (Indianapolis and surrounding counties), we deliver to your clients in person! For orders outside of our delivery zone, we pack our blooms to ship and they'll be delivered to your client by one of our third-party carrier partners.
  • The Delivery Date selected is the date the delivery/shipment should be to your client. If something occurs that prevents us from delivering on your date, we will let you know by email with a re: line of "56th & Bloom Delivery Delay" as soon as possible. 
  • Shipping/delivery in the months following your first delivery will be on the same day of the month each month. For example, if your first delivery occurs on the 27th, your next delivery will occur on the 27th of the next month!
  • At this time, we do not deliver on Saturdays or Sundays. If your delivery date falls on a weekend, we will deliver to your client the Monday following that weekend!
  • If you need to change your delivery day on any given month, please email us at with a re: line that reads "Change in delivery date" and please let us know what you'd like to change your delivery date to for that month. Unless otherwise noted in the email, the change in delivery will be for just that month - we go back to the original delivery date the following month. If you want to change the date moving forward for all months after that, please let us know that too!

Stem count depends on the size of bouquet you purchase. 

  • Small bouquets typically run 8-12 stems 
  • Medium typically run 2-18 stems 
  • Large typically run 18-30 stems 

Vase life should be between 10-14 days with proper care. What is proper care, you ask? Excellent question. Proper care of our blooms is:

  • Upon delivery, fill vase with clean water and stir in a teaspoon of flower food (packet is included in your shipment--save what you don't initially use). Cut at least a thumb's-length amount off of each stem at the bottom and place in the water.
  • Every other day, replace water with clean water and stir in another teaspoon of flower food. Cut another 1/2 thumb's-length amount off the bottom of each stem and place in the clean water.

Have some special requests on the flower choice or colors? Shoot us an email at with a re: line that reads "Subscription Special Request" and let us know what you'd love to see (or not see) each month. To the extent we can accommodate your special request that month, we'll be happy to customize your bouquet!

Did your flowers arrive damaged? We pack our florals to last during the delivery or shipping process, but we can't be helicopter moms to the third party shipping carriers who actually deliver the flowers to your door (as much as we would like to!). If your florals arrive damaged, email us a picture of the damage within 2 days of delivery to with a re: line that reads "Damaged product." We will send you out a new bouquet within 48 hours!

Not quite what you were expecting? We have a 100% happiness guarantee. As much as we like to think we hit it out of the park every time, sometimes we just whiff it. If you get your florals and aren't 100% happy with what you received, send us an email at with a re: line that reads "Not Quite Right" and tell us what we missed. We'll either send you out a new bouquet with any adjustments that need to be made to make you 100%  happy or provide a full refund - your choice!